PrismaCards - FAQ

 Long questions or answer get clipped

For flash cards with long answers the Glossary-Mode is perfect. This mode can be activated in the dialog box where new flash cards are entered. Use the info field for the answer. It can hold up to 2000 signs. Later you can format the text to display the information more clearly.

In Options the font can also be changed. Arial Narrow with 24 points is a good choice. The font is easily readable and narrow, allowing you to get much more text on a flash card. It's a good idea to activate Autofit (automatic resizing of text that is too long).

 Why do I get red crosses in the exercise library?

The exercise library and the file system are completely independent. In the library structures (folders), can be built that are not present in the file system. The connections to the file system are just links in the library to files. If an exercise file is renamed or moved to another place, the library is not informed by Windows and the file cannot be found. 

The easiest solution is to delete the entry in the library and to create a new one.

 Is it possible to run PrismaCards from USB-Stick?

It is no problem to run PrismaCards from an USB-Stick and learn on different PC's. PrismaCards will leave no footprint on the PC's. From version 2.9 the installation offers also direct USB-Stick installation. There is no more need to mend something. Please take in account, that it is not possible to run normal installation and USB-Stick installation on the same PC. It makes no sence, you should decide which kind of installation you want.